Supporting Modules

Our most important supporting modules are Portal Designer and Form Designer. Both modules help your purchasing team develop an efficient and unique relationship with users. The SIMENO purchasing solution offers a user interface with customizable layout and functionality so you can create a visual connection to your end users’ environment. That is why our clients greatly appreciate this user-friendly and highly adaptable user interface.

Portal Designer

Unparalleled user-friendliness for your most valuable resources

The user-friendliness of an e-procurement system is one of the key factors for achieving high compliance with purchasing guidelines. Users should not waste precious time searching for information. They should be able to find it instantly and see it clearly displayed. With SIMENO Portal Designer, you can design and create user group-specific homepages.

For the user, the purchasing portal should be more than just a list of catalog items. It should be the entry point to a whole purchasing universe and include forms, purchasing guidelines, links to other systems or intranet pages. The portal can be customized so users will find all procurement-relevant information in one place.

Key Features of Portal Designer


Highly customizable, and user group-specific homepages


Basic building blocks for the creation of very appealing, user-friendly homepages


You can show your system users different types of content by using widgets of various types and sizes.

Form Designer

Create your own unique forms

1200 different forms and counting – that is proof how popular the Form Designer is with our clients. Whether you want to use a basic free-text form or a more complex, supplier- or category-specific form depends on your procurement policy and your needs. End-user adoption of the process will only happen if the correct questions are being asked, and only then will the responsible purchasers receive the answers they are looking for. User-friendly forms will help users populate fields, significantly improve efficiency, and allow for compliance in purchasing

With SIMENO Form Designer you can design forms that will be popular with both end-users and buyers.

Download Flyer

Key Features of Form Designer


Additional fields can be added or removed as needed


Rules and logical elements allow for the creation of situation-specific forms

Supports templates

You can effortlessly build your own form based on existing templates

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