Intelligent Search (iSearch)
External catalogs (so-called punch-out catalogs) can easily be integrated into a procurement system. But for the user they are anything but easy to use. Each of these punch-out catalogs has a different user interface and the search process is significantly slower than for catalogs hosted internally. Not the case with SIMENO! Our iSearch combines the best of both worlds. Using supplier-specific connectors, a background search is initiated to find the items the user is looking for.

The truly intelligent part of this search is that iSearch can temporarily store the search result for the next user looking for the same items. In this case, iSearch will return the items immediately without having to connect to the punch-out catalogs.

With SIMENO, you will no longer have to wait for search results, not even from punch-out catalogs.

This is what makes iSearch especially powerful:

Fast and seamless

The connectors are optimized to display the relevant items quickly and seamlessly

Intelligent search algorithm

We have developed a self-learning search algorithm which ensures your search results are current and relevant - and stay that way


One of the superior features of iSearch is its user-friendly interface. The complex technology running in the background is invisible to the user

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