SIMENO Training Academy
Using SIMENO software components is very simple for end users and does not require any special training. It’s a bit different for system administrators and specialists. To be able to utilize the vast range of features of the entire software suite as efficiently as possible, we recommend taking a course at the SIMENO Training Academy.

With a sufficient number of participants, the training sessions can also be held onsite at your facility.

We offer our proven training for the following areas. They can be combined and customized according to your needs.

SIMENO Form Designer Put into Practice
Learn, how you can create forms using Form Designer. Training begins with very simple forms closely linked to a catalog item and ends with very complex free-text forms using the Master Data Manager.

Creation and Maintenance of Grid Portals with SIMENO Portal Designer
You can design the look and feel of the myCatalogPool user interface with so-called “grid portals”, so even inexperienced users can quickly find their way around. The course will teach you how to create “grids” and make them graphically appealing. Furthermore, the so-called “grid actions” are an important topic since you can use these actions to access different content on your system.

Introduction to Catalog Management
For most of our customers, the SIMENO Catalog Team takes care of catalog design and maintenance. But if you would like to take on this task yourself, this course will equip you with the necessary knowledge.

Sample list of training topics
  • Creating suppliers
  • Building profiles for upload
  • Managing images and attachments
  • Catalog approval

Catalog Management for Advanced Users
Building on the fundamentals of catalog management, you will have the opportunity to attend an advanced course. Prerequisite for attending this course is successful completion of the basic course.

Sample list of training topics:
  • Creating analyses and data exports
  • Import and export of objects
  • Handling supplier self-service
  • Handling automatically loaded catalogs

Are you interested in a training session? Please contact us!

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