Catalog Management
The success of an e-procurement project largely depends on the quality of the data. The best software and the friendliest provider lose their appeal if the data provided to the user is not usable.

Unfortunately, even today “good data” is not yet the standard. Ultimately, manufacturers and suppliers have control over the quality of their data. Catalog management is therefore of major importance.

Minimum requirements for an e-catalog:

  • Clear presentation of goods and services
  • Easy comparison of goods
  • High-quality data structuring
  • Consistent quality across all catalogs
  • Informative short and long descriptions
  • Quantity and price information
  • Images

To make this and other data available anywhere at any time, our team collaborates with various suppliers around the world. Depending on country and supplier, this process can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming. The SIMENO Catalog Management Team will take this task off your hands and ensure efficient time and quality management of your data.

Of course, the high-quality data prepared by us fits a highly sophisticated e-catalog tool such as the SIMENO myCatalogPool perfectly. That is also the reason why most of our myCatalogPool clients let us prepare their data as well. You might be looking for a service provider for an e-procurement system that has a less sophisticated e-catalog module. SIMENO can provide catalog management for that scenario as well, provided your e-procurement system can process the large data volume and structure.

SIMENO’s Catalog Management Team has been ensuring for years that catalog data are prepared according to high quality standards and made available according to specifications, whether they are used in SIMENO’s smartBuy Suite or in an external e-procurement system. And this is not just a one-time effort, it continues throughout the desired runtime of each collaboration.
This is how you will benefit from SIMENO Catalog Management:

  • More than 10 years’ experience in catalog management
  • Worldwide supplier management – with suppliers from over 50 countries
  • Service offer is independent of school or country-specific holidays
  • Multilingual catalog management team
  • High team availability, distributed across multiple locations
  • Quality check according to your specifications
  • Extensive reporting
  • Absolute data management traceability

Catalog Manager

In order to provide you with first-class search results with myCatalogPool, the catalog data must be prepared and managed accordingly.

The catalog management team at SIMENO uses the powerful and reliable smartBuy module "Catalog Manager" to manage thousands of catalogs.

With Catalog Manager, you create the supplier profiles, load and check the catalogs obtained from the suppliers, and set the necessary parameters. The Catalog Manager also allows you to review and manage any catalog activity, and manage the approval process.

Catalog Manager can be used with all popular browsers.

We recommend that you have your catalogs prepared and managed by our experienced Catalog Management team. But if you decide to manage the catalogs by yourself, you can use Catalog Manager which is provided to you as an embedded module of myCatalogPool.

You will find more details in the flyer.

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