Quality Meets Speed
Nothing is more annoying during online purchasing than a rotating hourglass or incomplete product descriptions. And if images are missing as well, you will switch to a different web store.
What you consider a nuisance in personal shopping will annoy you even more when sourcing for your business. That is why we designed our catalog solution to be hassle-free.

myCatalogPool with iSearch, our advanced search technology, provides more speed. Our Catalog Management Team ensures quality. And our developers provide excellent user-friendliness. myCatalogPool will convince you.

MyCatalogPool – so much more than a catalog

  • Search – Find – Compare. Procurement has never been faster or more user-friendly
  • Be it goods or service – myCatalogPool is the ideal platform for all types of orders
  • And don’t let the volume of catalog data worry you. Whether you’re browsing items in internal catalogs or punch out to external web stores, your “Search” and “Find” will be convenient, reliable and fast
  • With our sophisticated and customizable forms, you will have both free-text and service orders at your fingertips
  • myCatalogPool supports in-house and formal product groups and can be integrated with all known procurement systems
Did you know? SIMENO also runs Catalog Management

Since the founding of our company and still today, worldwide clients from small to very large rely on our professional services.

Professional service requires a professional tool. That is why we developed our powerful Catalog Manager add-on module. It not only offers ease of use but is also extremely fast during catalog uploads and downloads. This allows for regular loading of very large catalogs.

With Catalog Manager, you can essentially self-manage your catalogs. If you decide to do that, your purchase will include both myCatalogPool and the add-on module. Catalog Management by SIMENO will save you a lot of time, effort and oftentimes even aggravation, which definitely makes the investment worthwhile. We will do everything possible to ensure you will be able to use your resources for strategic tasks. For more information about Catalog Management, click here.

myCatalogPool will thrill you


Search results in a fraction of a second – thanks to iSearch

Cross-Platform Search

Internal catalogs or external web stores - myCatalogPool can search and find anywhere

Forms – any way you want

Extremely powerful and sophisticated form management

Intuitive Use

You will require little training - which translates into cost savings

Top-Notch Catalog Management

Superfast catalog uploads and downloads

Facts and figures

  • 6000 Catalogs
  • 1200 Forms
  • 20000000 Catalog items
  • 15 Item search time in milliseconds

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