Studies show theoretical value – SIMENO makes it a reality

Many studies prove that electronic procurement creates added value. For example, a study from 2014 reveals that e-procurement can save more than 25% in process cost.

With SIMENO cost savings are not just hypothetical talk, we actually let you experience the practical benefits of electronic procurement. Savings yes – but also so much more.

  • We deliver proven web-based e-Catalog solutions – and more
  • Our servers are housed in Swiss data centers
  • Our main focus and emphasis is on indirect procurement
  • Our broad range of small to large clients from various industries and countries clearly demonstrates the widespread and flexible use of our purchasing solutions
  • Our software is guaranteed to fit your procurement infrastructure. It can integrate with different types of ERP systems or run as a stand-alone application
  • To us, procurement software is not just a product. In tandem with our services, we offer you the perfect solution for your needs.

SIMENO is well equipped to provide excellent service for large clients, agile enough to handle large tasks fast and with great flexibility, and adaptable enough to offer small clients an optimal procurement solution for their needs.

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