Our values

You can’t teach values. You can only live them.
© Quote by Viktor Frankl, Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist

A great picture needs the right frame. Not overbearing but tasteful and appropriate. Just as the right frame enhances a picture, our values provide the right framework for our collaboration with clients, suppliers and employees.

  • Clients Come First
    The success of our clients is our top priority.
  • Top-Notch Service
    We want our clients to experience added value each and every time they work with SIMENO. Professionalism and friendliness define us.
  • Sustainability
    Sustainability is not just a buzzword to us. It applies both to company growth as well as our client portfolio. We also demonstrate sustainability in how we treat our natural resources.
  • Social Involvement
    As an employer, we maintain social responsibility towards our employees and partners. This responsibility has the same priority for us as our economic success.