A leading provider of web-based purchasing solutions

Purchasing 4.0 – your vision?!

For us, digitization of the purchasing function is no longer a vision of tomorrow. As an innovative provider of electronic procurement solutions, we already play a major role in implementing Purchasing 4.0. And our goal is to have you benefit from that as well. Not tomorrow or down the road, but today. Let’s talk about YOUR vision.

Higher efficiency with SIMENO – more than just a theory

According to various studies, implementing a professional purchasing software can save up to 30% in processing cost and 8% in product cost.
Just a theory?

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Are you onboard?

SIMENO is not just another company. SIMENO is a large team of people pursuing a common goal, striving for joint success, and happy to work towards it on a daily basis. And you will soon discover that we have reason to celebrate success. Are you interested in working with us?

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