Maximize the Value of your Procurement Solution

SIMENO is the global leader in intelligent search&find technology for electronic purchasing solutions.

Our outstanding e-Catalog expertise is based on many years of catalog management experience. Purchasing organizations worldwide benefit from the high usability, speed and quality of our solutions.

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myCatalogPool, our purchasing module, that saves time, money and headaches

Indulge in true shopping pleasure. Search, find, compare, view images, pricing – everything is available in milliseconds and designed to be user-friendly. And above all, you will save a lot of process and material cost. Never before has shopping been easier, smarter and more efficient.

With myCatalogPool we offer an e-Catalog solution that you can integrate into any e-Procurement environment. This makes also your electronic procurement an absolute success

iSearch will turn your e-Catalog into an

Intelligent electronic catalogs offer much more than a simple search. Fast search results for products and services across different catalog platforms are essential for high customer satisfaction. If you choose the SIMENO iSearch technology you will receive substantially more…

The success of your e-procurement solution depends if you work with e-catalogs or i-catalogs.

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